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MECHANIC /50ml E8000 Universal Transparent Liquid Adhesive Glue for Crafts Crystal DIY Fix Phone Screen Glass

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Technical data:
appearance: transparent semi Mobile
solid content: 28%-35%
curing hardness: 65-80A
surface dry time: 3-6 minutes
full curing time: 24-48 hours
colloid: fully transparent flexible adhesive semiconductor
characteristics: white hair brittle not yellow hair hard not smell very small
save: save from 10 degrees to 28 degrees
capacity: 50ML
packing: a boxed
gum: fully transparent, soft, semi solid
high strength, high viscosity, not pale, not crisp, not yellow, not stiff, low drawing, scented, non irritant smell!
Handmade DIY transparent soft glue, no corrosion of the products, have a certain consistency, not thin like water, make the products are not completely cured in glue, glue, can be easily erased, will not leave traces, not like 502 glue, there will be a flow to the outside wipe whitening phenomenon can't wipe off 3-5 minutes, the glue fixed, during the period can have enough time to adjust the position of 24 to 48 hours, the highest strength of glue.
1, please read the product description carefully before use.
2, in the large area before use, please make the small area experiment.
3, please ensure that the surface of the surface is clean and dry.
4, the best use temperature should be between 18-32 degrees.
5, the product can be directly coated on the surface of the coated surface.
6, wait for 3-5 minutes, will be adhered to the adhesive two little pressure.
7, put a few hours straight, 48 hours after the best paste strength.
8, when the product is not used to avoid the glue on the top of the bottle after contact with air curing.
1, may be irritating to the skin and eyes.
2, please use in a well ventilated environment.
3, if not contact with eyes, please rinse with plenty of water.
4, please keep away from children's storage, production operation please stay away from fire.
1 X MECHANIC 50ML E8000 liquid glue
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Manufacturer: MECHANIC

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