M9-217° AMAOE

M9-217° AMAOE

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AMAOE Solder Paste Silve/Lead-free M9 217℃

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1, M9-lead-free silver-containing environmentally friendly high-temperature solder paste 217°: Usage Tip: It is suitable for the master who has high requirements for maintenance quality and reduces the repair. However, because of the high temperature, the maintenance difficulty will increase.   Features: high temperature 217 °, silver content, fine and sticky, tin plating does not bubble, tin beads uniform, strong welding, environmental protection. 2, M10-lead medium temperature solder paste 183 °: Tips for use: Suitable for regular mobile phone repair and use, reducing rework. Features: medium temperature 183 °, fine and sticky, tin plating does not bubble, tin beads are even. 3, M11-lead-free low temperature solder paste 138 °: Tips for use: Suitable for mobile phone repairs that cannot withstand high temperatures (such as the tinning of the middle layer of iPhone X motherboard repair), reducing maintenance difficulty and reducing risk.


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Manufacturer: AMAOE

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