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KADA 2018D + SMD Soldering Station With Pluggable Hot Air Gun Soldering iron BGA Rework Station Phone Repair Welding Station

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KADA 2018D electric soldering iron hot air gun two-in-one rework soldering station microcomputer LCD display

Second, the product parameters: Brand: KADA Display type: microcomputer LCD display Input voltage: AC220V / 110V/+-/10% 50HZ / 60HZ Temperature range: hot air gun 100-480 degrees Celsius, soldering station 200-480 degrees Celsius Display form: LCD screen Machine power: 680W Airflow type: brushless fan soft wind Soldering station power: 75W Air volume: 120 l / min (maximum) Features: Integrated on-hook sleep function, integrated air gun three-speed temperature memory, mobile phone charging function.


1.Solder station switch 2. Soldering station handle (connection line) 3. Soldering station temperature adjustment 4. Heat gun temperature / air volume adjustment (press can be converted at will) 5. Heat gun handle (connection line) 6. Heat gun switch 7. CH1, CH2, CH3 are the three-speed temperature storage of the heat gun, which can store three different temperature values ​​conveniently and quickly. 8.USB mobile phone charging interface 9. Machine power switch 10. Fuse mounting hole 11. Power cord jack 12. Fuse Third, the operating instructions: 1. Boot: connect the handle, turn on the power to turn on the power switch, the display shows the factory set temperature value (hot air gun 100C, the largest air volume, soldering station 200 ° C) 2, temperature / air volume setting: adjust the knob to set the desired temperature value, hot air gun air volume adjustment must press the adjustment knob to convert. CH1, CH2, CH3 are temperature memory keys. First adjust the required temperature and air volume and then press and hold the memory key. When you hear a long ring, it means that the memory has been completed. Three memory keys record three different temperatures/air volumes. 3, This product integrates USB mobile phone charging function, or can be used for mini table lamp power supply output, can output more than 1A current. The USB port is on the back panel of the machine. It is convenient and quick to take up space and other features. 4. Before closing the system, please put the handle into the bracket. At this time, the system will automatically cool down to enter the standby state. After entering the standby state, the system power can be turned off, except for the soldering station. This operation extends the life of the heating element.


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Manufacturer: KADA

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