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    BC (Multi-Boot Cable) for Z3x Vygis Octopus is a universal cable with changeable resistor values as well as Box type switch for various LG phones.
    • 56K - for LG P970 AND P990
    • 130K - for LG service mode
    • 910K - for LG P970/p990 Flash and P999 unlock
    • Quantity: 1
    • Condition: Brand new
    • Interface: RJ45 / Micro USB ( micro UART )
    • Boot repair, repair phones with erased boot area
    • IMEI change and repair
    • Language change (Replace display and input language to the language of your choice)
    • Read, write EPROM
    • Firmware upgrade (Flash newer or modified firmware)
    • Phone repair (Flash firmware to fix such common problems as White screen of death, Handset freezing, Blinking screen, Various Error messages, etc)
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    ATF-V3 – All-in-1 Ultimate Adapter

    ATF-V3 - All-in-1 Ultimate Adapter For ATF BIG BOX / Nitro / Lighting / Gold. This adapter supports JTAG / EMMC / ISP / MMC cards.

    ATF-V3 Unique Features:

    • ON - Strong PULL-UP resistors will be applied to eMMC CMD (blue) and DATA (green) lines. This is very useful feature for phones that require VccQ and Vcc power connections (Samsung, HTC, etc.)
    • OFF - PULL-UP resistors WILL NOT be used. This is normally done with Nokia Lumia phones which do not require VccQ and Vcc connections for a more stable link, set switch to "ON" and make sure to connect required power to VccQ and Vcc lines
    • 3.3v - Most of new and old Micro SD cards are compatible with 3.3v Vcc
    • 1.8v - With this option future low-powered Micro SD cards would be supported as well

    For eMMC Use Only:

    • NC - Secondary CLOCK will not be used for eMMC communication*
    • CLK2 - Secondary CLOCK will be used for eMMC Communication
    *When adapter is used for a NON-EMMC connection such as JTAG or Micro SD card, make sure that DIP switch is set on the "NC" position. "CLK2" is NOT REQUIRED for most eMMC chips, but setting DIP switch to "CLK2" will give you a stronger CLK (red) signal for better eMMC communication.

    ATF-V3 - Micro SD Card Functionalities:

    • Brute-Force
    • Factory Formatting
    • Password Reader

    ATF-V3 - Package Content: *

    • ATF Version 3 All-in-1 Adapter for ATF Box – 1pc.
    • FPC Ribbon Cable – 2pcs.
    • Lumia 510 / 610 Connector – 1pc.
    • Molex Port for Lumia 610/510 – 1pc.
    • BGA PCB 153/169 – 1pc.
    • BGA PCB 182/186 – 1pc.
    • Testpoint Finder Probe Wire – 1pc.
    • Copper Wire 0.1 mm – 1pc.
    • Cellphone Opening Kit – 1 set.
    * Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet market demands, we retain the right to change the list of included cables and accessories. More details are available from our sales managers.
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    China Android Boot Combo Cable

    China Android Boot Combo Cable lets you perform a series of servicing procedures with compatible Android mobile phones using Volcano Box.

    China Android Boot Combo Cable - Supported Boxes

    China Android Boot Combo Cable - Features

    • MTK Android Read Info
    • MTK Android Read Flash
    • MTK Android Write Flash
    • MTK Android Root
    • SPD Android Format

    China Android Boot Combo Cable - Connectors

    • USB
    • Micro USB
    • Mini USB
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    EMMC Z3X JTAG Pro 3-in-1 Adapter

    Emmc Pro 3-in-1 Adapter for Z3X Easy JTAG allows user to repair phones with disabled access to bootloader via DCC or phones with damaged JTAG pinouts (access to ROM2 by EMMC).

    EMMC Z3X JTAG Pro 3-in-1 Adapter - Features

    • One-click boot repair via direct EMMC connection (World's first)
    • Read EMMC info
    • Read/write EMMC via ISP connect (Connect directly to phone's PCB, EMMC pinouts are available)
    • Read/write EMMC via direct connect (EMMC installed in socket or JTAG socket soldered to EMMC pins)
    • Pause/resume while reading/writing EMMC
    • Factory EMMC formatting (It can help damaged EMMC recovering)
    • Low EMMC formatting (It can help damaged EMMC recovering)
    • Master/Slave partition activation (This function allows user to choose Active partition for Boot)
    • EMMC smart repartition (One-click repartition function)
    • EMMC partition cloning

    EMMC Z3X JTAG Pro 3-in-1 Adapter - Supported BGA EMMC Chips and Devices

    Socket BGA 169 pins:
    • EMMC SDIN5D2-4G,SDIN5C4-16G,SDIN4C2-4G,SDIN4C1-4G,SDIN5C2-8G - Samsung GT-I9100, i9100G, i9108, i9220, i9228, N7000, i777, M250S, M250K, i9250
    • EMMC KMVIS000LM-B503, KMV3U000LM-B304 - Samsung GT-i9300, N7100
    • EMMC KMVTU000LM-B503 - China Copy I9300, N719, N7102
    • EMMC KMVYL000LM-B503- China Copy I9100, N9220, N7000
    • EMMC KLMAG4FEJA-A001,KMVAL000LM-B304,KMSJS000KM-B308,H9DP32A4JJAC - Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE
    Socket BGA 162 pins:
    • EMMC H9TP33A6ADMC-MRKYM, KMMLL000QM-B503, KMKJS000VM-B309, KMKLL000UM-B406 - Google G14, G17, G18, G23
    Socket BGA 186 pins:
    • EMMC KMKYL000VM-B603 - Samsung I717, 727, 777, E160K, E120S, T989, I929, W999, B9120, P7320

    EMMC Z3X JTAG Pro 3-in-1 Adapter - List of Sample Phones that Work via EMMC Tool (Read/Write Operations)

    • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (16GB)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500/16GB)
    • Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII (Unicom Edition)
    • Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII (16GB)
    • Samsung I9003 Galaxy SII (16GB)
    • Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII (International Edition, 16 GB)
    • Samsung Galaxy i9220
    • Samsung Galaxy Note N7102 II (32GB / Unico)
    • Samsung W2013, Samsung S7568
    • Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII (International Edition, 32 GB)
    • Samsung W999, Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 32G
    • Samsung S7572
    • Samsung E120LGalaxy SII HD LTE
    • Samsung W899
    • Samsung I9268, Samsung S7562i (Galaxy S Duos)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II N719
    • Samsung I879
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7102 (16GB/dual)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note III
    • Samsung Galaxy i9220 (White)
    • Samsung I939D Galaxy SIII (dual version of maps)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7108 (mobile version)
    • Samsung I9308 Galaxy SIII (mobile version)
    • Samsung B9388, Samsung I8262D (Galaxy Duos)
    • Samsung I8190 Galaxy SIII Mini (16GB)
    • Samsung I9070 Galaxy S (8GB)
    • Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII (White)
    • Samsung I8190 Galaxy SIII Mini (8GB)
    • Samsung i9100G (Galaxy SII)
    • Samsung I8552 (Galaxy Win)
    • Samsung I9108 (Galaxy SII)
    • Samsung B9120 (enhancer II)
    • Samsung I8750 (ATIV S/16GB)
    • Samsung I9105P (Galaxy SII Plus)
    • Samsung I9305 (Galaxy SIII LTE)
    • Samsung I939 Galaxy SIII (Telecom version)
    • Samsung I9260 Galaxy premiere (16GB)
    • Samsung I8160 (Galaxy Ace 2)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9508 / Mobile)
    • Samsung N7105 (Galaxy Note II LTE)
    • Samsung I699 (Galaxy Trend)
    • Samsung I9260 Galaxy premiere (8GB)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I959 / Telecom version)
    • Samsung I929 (Galaxy SII DUO)
    • Samsung I9050
    • Samsung I9228, Samsung I9103 (Galaxy R)
    • Samsung I909 (Galaxy S)
    • Samsung I779
    • Samsung I8250
    • Samsung I8150 (Galaxy W)
    • Samsung I919 (Galaxy S DUOS)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505 / Quad / 4G version)
    • Samsung I8258
    • Samsung I919U (Galaxy S Duos)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500/32GB)
    • Samsung I8530 (Galaxy Beam)
    • Samsung B9062
    • Samsung S6358 (Galaxy Ace Dear)
    • Samsung I9018 (Galaxy S)
    • Samsung I619 (Galaxy Ace Dear)
    • Samsung I809 (Galaxy S)
    • Samsung N8000 (Galaxy Note 10.1)
    • Samsung i9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3/16GB)
    • Samsung i9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3/8GB)
    • Samsung S7500 (Galaxy Ace Plus)
    • Samsung I9208 (Galaxy Mega 6.3)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5100/3G + WiFi)
    • Samsung E210S (Galaxy SIII)
    • Samsung I535 (Galaxy SIII)
    • Samsung D710 (Epic Touch 4G)
    • Samsung I759
    • Samsung I9150 (Galaxy 5.8 Mega)
    • Samsung S6352 (Galaxy Ace native)
    • Samsung S7508 (Galaxy Ace Plus)
    • Samsung S5698 (Galaxy Xcover)
    • Samsung S7530 (OMNIA M)
    • Samsung Galaxy SIII (TD-LTE version)
    • Samsung I659 (Galaxy Ace Plus)
    • Samsung I717 (Galaxy Note)
    • Samsung I9300 Galaxy SIII (International Edition, 64 GB)
    • Samsung I9020 (Nexus S)
    • Samsung Galaxy SII i9100G (Tencent version)
    • Samsung I9220 Galaxy Note (Extreme Edition)
    • Samsung S6108 (Galaxy Y POP)
    • Samsung I9023 (Nexus S)
    • Samsung I8558 (Galaxy Win)
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800 (16 GB version)
    • Samsung S7530E (OMNIA M)
    • Samsung B5330 (Galaxy Chat)
    • Samsung I8730 (Galaxy Express)
    • Samsung I9205 (Galaxy Mega 6,3)
    • Samsung I747 (Galaxy SIII)
    • Samsung I9070 Galaxy S (16GB)
    • Samsung I339
    • Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII (32GB)
    • Samsung I9100 Galaxy SII (Unicom Edition)
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9500/64GB)
    • Samsung I519, Samsung E110S (Celox)
    • Samsung I667 (Focus 2)
    • Samsung I9210 (Galaxy SII LTE)
    • Samsung S6500D
    • Samsung T889 (Galaxy Note II)
    • Samsung I727 (Galaxy SII skyrocket)
    • Samsung I8750 (ATIV S/32GB)
    • Samsung S5300 (Galaxy Pocket)
    • Samsung i9088 (Galaxy S)
    • Samsung L710 Galaxy SIII (dual-core version)
    • Samsung I9080 (Galaxy Grand)
    • Samsung T989 (Hercules)
    • Samsung S6812i
    • Samsung B5510 (Galaxy Y Pro)
    • Samsung I777 (Singh)
    • Samsung S6500 (Galaxy Mini 2)
    • Samsung E170K (Galaxy R Style)
    • Samsung I930 (ATIV Odyssey)
    • Samsung E220 (Galaxy Pop/8GB)
    • Samsung S7272 (Galaxy Ace 3)
    • Samsung S5280 (Galaxy Star)
    • Samsung I9152 (Galaxy Mega 5,8)
    • Samsung i677 (Focus Flash)
    • Samsung S7710 (Galaxy Xcover 2)
    • Samsung E220 (Galaxy Pop/16GB)
    • Samsung S6012 (Galaxy Music Duos)
    • Samsung S6810 (Galaxy fame)
    • Samsung R830 (Galaxy Axiom)
    • Samsung Galaxy SIII +
    • Samsung S5301 (Galaxy Pocket Plus)
    • Samsung S6812 (Galaxy fame)
    • Samsung I547 (Galaxy Rugby Pro)
    • Samsung I6282D (Galaxy Core)
    • Samsung M950 (Galaxy Reverb)
    • Samsung I437 (Galaxy Express)
    • Samsung S6312 (Galaxy Young Duos)
    • Samsung T699 (Relay 4G Galaxy S)
    • Samsung S6310 (Galaxy Young)
    • Samsung M340S (Galaxy M)
    • Samsung L300 (Galaxy Victory 4G LTE)
    • Samsung I847 (rugby SMART)
    • Samsung Galaxy SII WiMAX
    • Samsung S759 (Omnia M)
    • Samsung I577 (Galaxy Exhilarate)
    • Samsung I405 (Galaxy Matrix 4G)
    • Samsung E310S (Mega Galaxy 6.3)
    • Samsung T959 (Fascinate 4G)
    • Samsung M190S (Galaxy S Hoppin)
    • Samsung I7500U Samsung
    • Samsung I757 (Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD)
    • Samsung Nexus S 4G

    EMMC Z3X JTAG Pro 3-in-1 Adapter - Package Content:*

    • EMMC Pro Z3X JTAG GPG Adapter - 1 pc.
    • PCB BGA1 - 1 pc.
    • PCB BGA2 - 1 pc.
    * Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.
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    JIG I9000

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