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  • GPG Industries is very Glad to introduce a Brand New Box for the Gsm Industry called GPGEMMC also known as GPG EMMC Box
  • It is the first box to direct flash the EMMC chip on many models directly.
  • GPGEMMC is simply a bundle of all the best feature of all the best box of the market. We have taken each step of the development of our tool and compare to existing products of the market. Our goal is simply become the number one as we did it with volcano. Jtag, jtag pinfinder, isp, gpgemmc is 5 times cheaper than a real programer with same features. It that can write boot partitions. We can also repair baseband and imei without dissembling the phone


  • GPG EMMC BOX is Revolution in Gsm Word.
  • Totally Hassle Free Emmc Repairing.
  • Complete Solution no need to full flash after repair dead boot.
  • Extreme Ultra Lightning Speed for Read Flash & Write Flash.
  • Not to depend on Phone model Support.
  • Samsung, HTC, Sony, Zte, Huawei, Chinese & many more Brands are Supported
  • 32 GB Total Full Flash time 17 Mins
  • Every Single ANDROID Phone is Supported which have EMMC
  • Directly Flash EMMC IC
  • Directly Use USB 2.0 to Flash EMMC IC
  • Simple ISP Programing to make ULTRA FAST Lightning Speed & Easy Operation
  • No need to set TCK
  • Simply Use CMD, CLK, DATA & VDD\GND Pins for communicate with phone
  • Custom/Desire Area Read & Write
  • Support Almost All EMMC Ic
  • Dedicated Support Area for Flash files
  • GPGEMMC is the 1st box in Gsm Industries which Introduce 2 way Flashing System 1st one is ISP and 2nd one is Direct Flash to Ic
  • Support WP8 ( Windows Phone 8 ) Phones Supported which have EMMC
  • Simply One click Operation


  • Internal programmer function:What is internal programmer ?
    Internal programmer is 100% same as some of you guys use external flasher. Internal flasher is use for read & write data directly from ic. *it also can read & write iphone s baseband as same as you read & write from external flasher !!
  • Samsung disassemble-free repairing What is samsung disassemble-free repairs ?
    Samsung disassemble-free repairing means you do not need to open/disassemble different phones. Gpgemmc_box can repair your phone s base band and imei without opening/disassemble phone.
  • High speed jtag
    Gpgemmc_box is really turbo fast in speed for read & write full flash, boot repair etc. Gpgemmc_box is fastest box in the history of gsm history. It s is more faster than any other box presents at the moment.

Facts : we have worked a lot on the speed of our device. We are now 15% faster than the fastest tool of the market. ( soon beta testers will post videos to prove our words )

  • Jtag detection

    Gpgemmc_box have built-in jtag detection. It s means gpgemmc_box can detect your phone s jtag pinouts within no time !! You do not have to worry about jtag pinouts etc. You never have to worry if there is no jtag pinouts definition available you just sold wires and start detection gpgemmc_box will detect for you. The actual test of huawei c8812 definition only needs 0.64 seconds.
  • Isp function (in-system programming)Gpgemmc_box support isp flashing. It s means you do not have to dis-sold ic and sold on small pcb & write files then again dis-sold from small pcb & sold on phone again. Gpgemmc_box supports just sold wires on mobile s pcb and directly write & read.

    Facts :we are 10 time faster than the competition, we can write at 2m/s while other can barely reach 250k/s.

  • Boot repairsGpgemmc_box supports boot repairing. It s support both type boot repairs. Boot 1 & boot 2. If somehow after boot repair your phone not powered on correctly or still dead you can repair boot 2 so we just ensure that you will not have any problem in repairing boot.
  • User area repairs

    Gpgemmc_box supports user area repairing. It s means you can solve lot of user area problems, format user area and lot of other things you can repair
  • Csd area repairsGpgemmc_box supports csd area repairing. It s means you can solve lot of communications problems suchs as communications of gsm , wifi , bluetooth etc. It s also repair your data transfer rate like some phone have problem that they are very slow in operation even after write full flash etc so you can repair that problems too.
  • Gpp1, gpp2, gpp3 & gpp4 area repairingGpgemmc_box supports repairing of gpp1, gpp2, gpp3 and gpp4 area. Gpgemmc_box can develop new gpp1, gpp2, gpp3 and gpp4 areas. Also recreation of gpp1, gpp2, gpp3 and gpp4 areas. You can solve lot of problems with it.
  • Internal cpu controlsGpgemmc_box supports real isp programming. Isp still can read & write boot1, boot2, user area and csd area. Internal cpu controls isp which achieve the actual effect of universal programmer. At the same time, external programmer files can be used for isp.
  • Initialization of efs and baseband unknown repairGpgemmc_box supports repairing of unknown baseband etc. The actual test proves that after change flash ic or repair by card of samsung model 9300, 9308, 7100, 7108, 9500 and 9502, it solves perfectly without open phone reset efs, repair signal, imei change, initialization of efs and baseband unknown repair. And it won t lose user data, pattern lock and samsung 9500 imei change.
  • Samsung card repair software

    Gpgemmc_box have internal platform which can create samsung card repair software which can make samsung 9300 and 9500 repair card. After repair, the built-in samsung platform will completely solve the i9300, i9308, n7100, n7108 and i9500 no signal repair, no baseband repair and write super imei. Especially it can perfectly support for samsung i9500 imei repair and no signal repair.


Supported Models For ISP Flashing

Gpgemmc_box support more than 100s models just for emmc repairs. We will provide schematics & pinouts etc for support models you do not have to worry about them. For unsupported phones you can tell us we will try to add them.

  • Coolpad 7266
    HTC G11
    HTC G12
    HTC G14
    HTC G21
    HTC ONE S ( Z560E )
    HTC ONE S ( PJ4010000 )
    HTC ONE X ( PJ8310000 )
    HTC T328 D
    HUAWEI C8812
    LENOVO A530
    LENOVO S680
    LENOVO S696
    LENOVO S850 E
    SAMSUNG B9062
    SAMSUNG B9120
    SAMSUNG I535
    SAMSUNG N7000
    SAMSUNG N7100
    SAMSUNG N719
    SAMSUNG N8000
    SAMSUNG S6352
    SAMSUNG S7562L
    SAMSUNG S7568
    SAMSUNG T929
    SAMSUNG W2013
    SAMSUNG W999
    SAMSUNG I9500
    SAMSUNG I669
    SAMSUNG I747
    SAMSUNG I7562
    SAMSUNG I809
    SAMSUNG I8160
    SAMSUNG I8190
    SAMSUNG I8552
    SAMSUNG I869
    SAMSUNG I9000
    SAMSUNG I9003
    SAMSUNG I9082
    SAMSUNG I909
    SAMSUNG I9100
    SAMSUNG I9220
    SAMSUNG I9300
    SAMSUNG I939
    SONY LT29I
    VIVO X1W

More Details

  • What is GPGEMMC ?
    GPGEMMC is a brand new box to repair your DEAD ANDROID & WP8 PHONES WHICH HAVE EMMC.Like Samsung I9300\I9100, HTC G14, Sony, China zte\China Huawei\China MTK and thousands of other phones and brand
  • What is EMMC ?
    it s embedded multimedia card. EMMC comes with 512MB TO 256GB
  • What kind of phones have EMMC & Which kind of phones Supported with GPGEMMC ?
    Normally Emmc comes in mobiles with 4GB, 8Gb, 16Gb and 32GB Flash ic. for Example In Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 use 16GB & 32GB & it s supported with GPGEMMC for repair dead boot… Samsung I9000 Use 8Gb & 16GB & it s also Supported with GPGEMMC same like Chinese mobiles MTK 6577/6583/6589 use 4GB emmc Flash ic and it s also supported also WP8 Phones too. In other words Every Android phones which have Emmc is supported also WP8 Too. We are working hard on it. maybe Soon we will Support Iphones too
  • What is Speed of Read Flash and Write Flash to Phone with GPGEMMC ?
    GPGEMMC USE USB 2.0 & GPGEMMC is really Extremely Ultra Fast Lightning speed:

Full Read Flash Just 64 Sec
Full Write Flash Just 128 Sec

Full Read Flash Just 255 Sec ( 4.25 Mins )
Full Write Flash Just 472 second

Full Read Flash Just 1040 Sec ( 17 Mins )
Full Write Flash Just 30 minute only;

  • What Method GPGEMMC use to communicate with mobiles ?
    GPGEMMC box use Two ways..
    1st one ISP(In-System Programming) and 2nd Direct Program to Ic
    in ISP mode you have sold wires to mobile pcb and make connection and do read and write. No need to Set TCK etc.. just sold CMD, CLK, DATA & VDD\GND and do your work.
    in Direct Program Mode you have to DeSold Emmc ic from phone and Sold on GPGEMMC Write Direct Files on it then Sold it back to phone.
  • Does GPGEMMC Support Depend on phones Models ?
    No GPGEMMC Support is not Depend on Phones models, We Support Direct EMMC ic. Phone does not matter you just have to check EMMC ic. whatever phone is if it have Supported EMMC ic then you can read or write.



  • Windows XP 32 Bit
  • Windows 7 32 Bit
  • NOTE: 64 bit is not supported for GPGEMMC Box, so please make sure you have a 32 bit machine before you purchase.

Package Contents

  • 1 X GPGEMMC Box
  • 30-in-1 Easy Jtag Jigs Set
  • 1 X Micro USB FTDI Cable
  • 2 X Jtag Adapters
  • 3 X EMMC Adapters

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Weight45 kg
Dimensions45 × 56 × 55 cm


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