MECHANIC TY-V866 0.3mm 40g 183° Solder Wire

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MECHANIC TY-V866 40G 0.3  MM rosin core low temperature auxiliary flux solder wire

–Good solderability, insulation resistance, No spattering and Non-corrosive.
–Widely used in electrical and electronics, solder parts like motherboard,electronics devices and others.

Tin content: 63%
Lead content: 37%
Gross weight:40G



1. In use, in order to obtain a good welding effect, the weldment must be weldable, cleaned by the surface of the weld metal, using a suitable lead-free tip
2. After the soldering iron switch is turned on, the temperature of the soldering iron is raised to the required operating temperature before soldering
3. The operator’s head should be 20CM away from the pad.
4. When the soldering iron is not in use, it should be plated with tin on the soldering iron, then turn off the power.
5. The working area should be equipped with a suitable air purifier