ShortCam II Thermal Camera PCB

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1. High precision measurement.

2. High contrast display.

3. One key check leakage.

4. Precise location of fault points.

5. Fast accurately locate the location of high-temperature components, and implement high-definition display of faulty component details, which can zoom in on the details of the motherboard and easily find tiny components.

6. Folding design, small size, easy to carry, easy to store and assemble.

7. Configure the type-c interface, the installation program can be used, and the operation is convenient.



Thermal imaging parameters:


Resolution: 256*192

Pixel size: 12um

Wavelength range: 8-14um

Field of view: 25°*18°


Visible light parameters:

Resolution: 2568H*1448V

Display mode: visible light/local fusion/quick check


Interface and Display Specifications:

interface: type-c

Image display format: JPEG

Video storage format: MP4



Function application:


One-key quick check, high and low temperature tracking, partial enlargement of frame temperature measurement, comparative analysis, snapshot, video


Temperature measurement performance:

Temperature measurement function: full temperature measurement

Temperature measurement distance: 13cm

Temperature measurement accuracy: ±5°C or ±5% (take the maximum value)

Temperature measurement range: -20℃~550℃



General Specifications:


Product size: 48mm*48mm*154mm

Output voltage/power consumption: 5VDC/2.5W

Storage temperature -20℃~60℃


Working environment 3℃~45℃