XZZ P2 1000V 20A Super Measurement Test Leads Wire Pen

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P2 Probe Tip
Replaceable Needle TipFlame Retardant & High Temperature ResistantFreeze Resistant & Non-Hardening

Stainless steel withgold-plated hands
Low internal resistance for better durability

High-precision measurementsfor greater accuracy
Tip diameter of only 0.1mm, suitable for measuringpad component pins, high precision, anti-oxidation,longer service life

Flame retardant and hightemperature resistant
Soft, not easy to break the thread, high and lowtemperature resistance, winter does not harden

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Non-slip silicone gripsGrip sponge feels comfortable in your hand
Made of insulating soft silicone material, effectiveanti-slip while not hurting hands, not hardenedcomfortable to use when the hand feeling

Soft plastic injection moldingAnti-breakage design
Thickened tinned copper wire, more conductivedouble insulation soft silicone injection molding

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